• Maintaining your pool is an important part of keeping it clean healthy and safe for years of enjoyment.
  • Balancing of the pool is most important. The upkeep and visual appeal of your water exhibit is crucial to compliment your overall landscape. 
  • As your swimming pool has been built by a bespoke designer and installer, we feel that its wise to entrust your pool maintenance to the same expert care.
  • After all, no-one understands the design and construction of your pool better than us.  All we want you to do is enjoy your pool while leaving the work to our expert team at Pool Builder & Service.
  • Our pool maintenance service can be utilized year-round to ensure your pool is perfectly maintained without any additional time or attention required on your part. 
  • Why not consider one of our weekly, monthly or annual maintenance contracts that we offer at Pool Builder & Service to ensure you can enjoy your swimming pool each and every day.