In early 2019, Mr Kenny Leong founded Pool Builder & Service Sdn Bhd (originally named Embolden Pool Sdn Bhd). With over 6 years of history, this business operated and produced rich experience in the swimming pool building industry.

Although the company is young, two of its key personnel are good experience at water works and pool constructions and finishing works. With the passion and ambitious about the industry, the company is willing and able to handle any pool constructions works; as well as systems, troubleshooting existing pool problems, repair, maintenance services and all pool equipment.

The company is now looking for a bigger challenge in any upcoming swimming pool projects, and willing to serve its clients best!

Our Services includes:

  • Swimming Pool Maintenance and Cleaning 
  • Fountain and Water Features Construction
  • Swimming Pool Repair and Renovation   
  • Swimming Pool Construction – Design & Build


“To be the leader of the swimming pool service industry, providing clear and accurate information on pool topics, exceptional customer service, and quality swimming pool products at a fair and competitive price to customers”


  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Maintain Our Professional recognition in the construction industry
  • Constantly evaluate how we do business by Integrity, Trust and Loyalty in all of our transactions and interactions, supporting our customer commitment.


Mr Kenny Leong Eng How

Experiences in swimming pools, water features and fountain maintenances. Involving pool Designs, M&E, pool systems, construction and finishing.

Madam Serrine Cheong

Experience in company administrative works in construction business.