Classic Swimming Pool Games For You to Enjoy

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Classic Swimming Pool Games For You to Enjoy

swimming pool games

There are several games people can enjoy whether it is on land or in the water. No matter where the place are, people seem to know how to enjoy their leisure time with their family or friends. That included even you are in the swimming pool. There are some of the classic swimming pool games people can enjoy even they are in the water. If you are someone who like and enjoy the classic swimming pool games, this topic we are going to introduce to you may be is a cup of your tea. Below are some of the classic swimming pool games you can enjoy while you are in the water:

Marco Polo

Marco Polo is practically similar to the holy grail of the swimming pool games. Take it up an indent by having the individual who is "it" shout "DOLPHIN" and the remainder of the children answer back with porpoise impressions. You're certain to get a decent giggle!

Pearl Diving

Pearl Diving is amazing and can be played in a variety of ways, depending upon your creativity and the age group who is participating. You can either buy a pearl diving pack or utilize any water-safe thing you have at home – you'll need at least 6 "pearls".

Toss the pools into the pool, wait for them to sink and afterward have the participants dive! The diver that comes back with the blue (or whatever shading you assign as the victor) pearl wins!


To play, you'll need an odd number of diving sticks, or anything that is pool safe and can sink to the base. Place the pirates (players) at each end of the pool and sink the "buried treasure" in the center – the first pirate back to their side with most of the treasure wins!


To play, separate the group into teams and shoot a pool-friendly ball into a basket. Each time a shot is made and missed, the group gets the chance to cross out one letter in the word and the first group that crosses out the entire letters loses!


Never turn out badly with a basket ball hoop for the pool, presumably the best game on the list – you can't resist the urge to play! The best aspect of this game is that it can be played in multiple ways; yet it actually remains as effective and fun. Need to make it harder? Attempt F-I-S-H!